Walking Your Dog Just Got More Fun

Bike and walk your dog at the same time with the Pedal Pooch

The Pedal Pooch gives you a way to work out while walking your dog. Spend more time with your furry friend while you enjoy a refreshing bike ride along your local greenway or through your favorite park. You can safely and legally let your dog run along beside you without needing to hold a leash.

Trying to ride your bike and walk your dog at the same time without the proper tools can lead to injury and embarrassment. Make the smart choice by choosing to get a Pedal Pooch.

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Discover how easy it is to bring your dog with you on your bike ride

The device attaches beneath the seat post of your bike, so any tugging from your pooch is right under your center of gravity. You don't have to worry about taking a tumble due to an excitable dog. This tool is great for dogs with a lot of energy who can keep up with you on your bike.

The Pedal Pooch:

  • Requires no tools to install or uninstall
  • Uses a bungee cord leash so there's some give
  • Changes the way you think about working out
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