The Pedal Pooch
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The Ultimate Dog/Bike Safety Leash

The Pedal Pooch allows you to safely and legally walk or run your dog next to your bike without having to hold a leash. It's unique design will keep the leash out of the way of your pedal and gears and keeps your dog out of the way of your bicycle wheels.

It's stretchable rope leash will allow pulling by your dog without a jolt that will pull you off your bike. It's Velcro attachment allows you to easily install and uninstall it in just minutes without tools. And it's
polymerized vinyl chloride casing will help it last for years without breaking.

It really is the Great Equalizer for exercising your dog. Allowing you to
speed up to a pace that is natural for your dog without wearing you out as jogging or running would.

Caution: Although using the Pedal Pooch is much safer than using a common leash or rope to walk/run your dog along side your bike, that DOES NOT MEAN THERE IS NO RISK. This is not a toy. Keep away from young children. Always wear a helmet and safety gear. Use at your own risk. Always use a harness.
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